Consumer Insights 2021: Trends Shaping the Food and Beverage Industry

Consumers have increasing exposure to products’ nutritional, health, or environmental impacts. Purchase decisions are clearly no longer based on great taste alone. Perceived naturalness, functional attributes or options that are taking ethical aspects into consideration (i.e. better for the environment) are gaining relevancy.

It comes to no surprise that changing consumer preferences cause food and beverage manufacturers to adapt rapidly. Some trends have long been influencing the industry and became “standard” or evolved into a trend. Others may have been short-lived and disappeared. Innovation that meets actual consumer needs can be key to success for manufacturers to prosper and brands to gain penetration.

Did you know that…

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of European consumers would rather get nutrients through functional or fortified food and drinks than through supplements?
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of Spanish consumers have researched an ingredient after seeing it on the label of a food and drink product?
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of French consumers consider “no artificial ingredient” as the most important factor when looking for healthy ingredients?
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of Polish consumers are prioritizing healthy products or brands more than before the coronavirus outbreak?
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of German consumers think the price is not more important than whether a brand is environmentally friendly?
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of Italian consumers eat meat substitutes 2-6 times a week?
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of consumers in the United Kingdom would like to see more colourful sweet bakery goods?

Source: Mintel Data


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