Global Consumer Trends Driving the Future of Innovation: Fluid Expectations

Providing solutions to address pain points for shoppers is a key way to meet and exceed expectations and build brand loyalty. As consumers slowly transition to going back to work and a new way of pandemic living, they are expanding their definition of value through a results-oriented lens, looking for interchangeable and flexible solutions based on life situations, from on-the-go commuters, work from home professionals, to busy parents.


of US

prefer using multi-purpose products

of Italian consumers

look for ways to speed up the cooking process

of Polish consumers

are more likely to buy a product which contains creative recipe ideas

Source: Mintel


This blog is part of an ongoing series outlining five key consumer drivers at work in the global market and showcasing product examples in stores that showcase successful trend manifestation.

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Brands have an opportunity to empower consumers’ diverse lifestyles through products that recognize their fluid expectations and offer convenient, ready-to-go solutions.


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As consumer lifestyles evolve past global lockdowns, many will return to some level of on-the-go busyness. Multi-purpose minimalism identifies the consumer need for products that do more for them with less effort, allowing them to live their life uninterrupted.


Ready Toast with Cheese and Ham Filling

The pre-toasted Condeli Toast & Eat sandwich with cheese and ham is described as an easy and quick snack, ready to be consumed after a few minutes in the toaster.

Toast and eat branded food

Organic Apple and Lemon Natural Drink

The hand-crafted Shrubs by Ediks Organic Apple and Lemon Natural Drink is a syrup made with natural ingredients and without added sugars. Showing its versatility, it is said to be delicious with not only lemonades and cocktails, but also yogurt, soymilk, salads, dessert, fruit, or ice.

Organic Apple and Lemon Natural Drink

A Range of Seasoning Bases for Meat and Veggie Balls

A hundred percent natural seasoning bases without palm oil for meat and veggie-based balls that can be prepared in 20 minutes with these mixes.

MEat and Veggie Balls Packaging

Source: Mintel




Consumers will continue to seek out simple solutions that enable at-home enjoyment. These shoppers are looking for easy, stress-free products.


Spritz Kit

Consumers can now enjoy perfectly made Aperol Spritz in the comfort of their own homes and flats. The kit features a smaller 0.7L bottle of Aperol and 0.75L Cinzano Spumante Dry with the recipe for a perfect Aperol Spritz.

Aperol Spritz Kit

Double Pepperoni & Spicy Honey Neapolitan Pizza Kit

The pizza kit is said to offer authentic Neapolitan pizza at home, using Italy’s finest ingredients. It contains two types of traditionally cured and smoked pepperoni, crushed Italian tomatoes, freshly grown basil, 48 hours proved dough math with ’00’ flour from Caputo mill in Naples, drizzle of spicy honey, fior di latte mozzarella from Naples, and flour for dusting for a crispy crust finish.

Double Pepperoni

Strawberry Flavour Unicorn Edition Dessert Kit

The product is a layered strawberry flavoured dessert kit containing a dessert mix, strawberry flavour with coloured speckles, topping mix, and sugar sprinkles. It just requires adding milk to make a dessert for four in just a few easy steps.

Angel Delight Dessert Kit

Source: Mintel


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