Behind the Scenes of Sensient Food Colors

“Colour is a useful tool to attract and communicate information with customers”, Global Data notes in their Q3 global consumer survey. In fact, 1/3 of consumers somewhat or completely agree that colour is an important indicator of the nutritional value of a food and drink product. This comes as no surprise to us in the food colour industry. We understand the value of colour in food and beverages. In fact, we take pride in being passionate about colour and experts at finding just the right colouring for your respective food and beverage innovations. Did you know that Sensient Food Colors is the largest provider of natural and certified food colour in the world? We continue to invest in new technologies and innovations, and our capability resume is very robust: Dividerline
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Industry-leading formulation expertise

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State of the art colour laboratories across the globe with proven technology leadership

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Global colour regulatory services

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Global colour application & innovation seminars

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Robust global manufacturing capabilities with facilities in 6 continents

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World-class good manufacturing practices (GMP)

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>100 years of experience & continuous investments into new technologies

Dividerline Working with many of the world’s leading food and beverage brands, Sensient understands the value of service. We are committed to providing world-class service to our customers and have defined clear key performance indicators to ensure and consistently measure strong service levels. In previous blogs, I referred to this as “Running our Trains on Time” our imperative to deliver the best service and value to customers. Performance indicators matter, when they matter to our customers. Being in close collaboration with multiple roles within our customers’ organizations, the attributes may slightly differ by importance, yet the theme remains identical across all areas of each business. More than 90% of European customers agree that the following parameters are very or extremely important to them:

Source: Sensient Proprietary Research, 2018

Certasure Logo“Running our trains on time” is our commitment to customer service, embracing many of the parameters mentioned above. In 2020, we have elevated our minimum on-time delivery expectation further to 96% to help our customers maximize supply chain efficiency, while running their trains on time. As our customers strive to innovate faster, we closely collaborate with product developers to equip them with tools they need to create successful colouring in their formulation. We provide a variety of sampling options tailored to customers’ needs and in many cases deliver within 24h. We hold ourselves accountable to that with every single sample we provide to you. Sensient’s Certasure Promise means that you can be certain about the product safety of any of our natural food colours and colouring foods. If you would like to read more on programs on how we are driving for continuous improvement in cost efficiency and consistent supply, I invite you to discover the many benefits of Sensient’s Seed-to-Shelf program. We welcome any type of customer feedback, and have robust processes in place to follow-up on any customer needs. If you are interested in finding out more about Sensient’s capabilities and service, please feel free to reach out here.
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