Global Consumer Trends Driving the Future of Innovation: Active Consumerism

Converting Trends to New Product Innovations

Observing and discussing consumer insights is one thing but knowing how to translate trends into new product development activities is the key to success if companies want to keep up with the changing preferences of today’s well-informed shoppers.

Sensient Technologies South Africa is here to help! In this article, we breakdown the 5 global consumer trends into snackable pieces to show you how to manifest them into market-ready new products.

This blog is part of an ongoing trends series sharing observations about each of Sensient’s consumer trends.


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Girl holding two cups Active consumerism
A woman looking to the side Youniverse
A human hand holding a transparent earth with a big tree sprouting from it Enriched meaning
A couple at the top of a rock overlooking the ocean Elevate the everyday
A force field over a blue circle Fluid expectations

Active Consumerism

The global COVID-19 pandemic has propelled consumers toward an even greater sense of well-being, completely challenging the notion of healthy living today and for the future. In search of wellness, consumers are actively looking and shopping for products that empower their well-being.

What does this trend look like on a consumers shopping list?

Natural and Certified Organic Renovation and Innovation

Stemming not only for the desire of wellness but also for safety reasons now, consumers’ continue to pursue products with simple ingredients, which means ripe opportunity for natural, clean label and organic renovation and innovation activities for food and beverage developers, especially on core items, where consumers expect, at a minimum, a natural product option available today.



To respond to consumers’ proactive behaviour in search of wellness-enabling products, innovators should look to develop functional and inspirational offerings to help consumers heal, perform, and thrive.


Consumer perception of “plant-based” as BFY (better-for-you) is propelling increased usage and acceptance of these type of products. Plant-based foods have become a growth engine with sales growing more than 5X faster than total food sales (SPINSscan Conventional Multi Outlet powered by IRI). If not already, innovators will want to hop aboard the plant-based train, because it is moving quickly! Many brands have already launched their first generation of plant-based core products with exciting line extensions in the pipeline for continued enticement and repeat brand purchases. Moving into the future, the sensory experience will be a critical factor of success and differentiation for plant-based foods.

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