Plating Grade Natural Colours

An aluminum-free natural colour line that simulates a synthetic lake, available in powder and dispersion forms. Designed for customers who want to switch from certified lakes to natural colours, Microfine™ closes the gap between natural colour science and certified colour technology.

Powder Advantages

• Delivers plating characteristics commonly found in synthetic pigments • Coats dry products without use of high-shear blending or spray-drying • Delivers bright, intense colour shades

Dispersion Advantages

• Natural oil-based dispersions deliver colour in fat-based systems • Prevents clumping and aids in colour incorporation, and increases productivity and accuracy • Delivers bright, intense colour shades

  • Dry-mixed Beverage
  • Baking
  • Confection
  • Other powdered food
  • Fat-based systems
  • Processed food
  • No flavour or odor off-notes
  • Exclusive custom colour blends
  • Broad application options for natural colours
  • Enhanced stability features
  • Aluminum-free

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