Savory Flavors

Sensient offers the most complete savory flavor capabilities in the industry, customizing the best flavor solution for your product’s success. By developing and manufacturing each flavor component, we provide the distinctive notes needed to truly differentiate your brands in the marketplace.

Key savory flavor components include top notes, botanical extracts, thermal-processed flavors, yeast extracts, and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP).

Formal research and primary, grassroots market excursions are both used to identify the top flavors that will be embraced by customers, chefs and ultimately consumers in the near future. Leveraging our international culinary expertise, Sensient develops ethnic flavors and flavor systems for your specific product needs, for example the Asian Flavors Kit or World of Chili Peppers, a collection of peppers from various regions.

  • Soup and Bouillon
  • Sauces and Dressings
  • Ready meals – chilled, ambient, or frozen
  • Canned Products
  • Processed Meat and Marinades
  • True-to-nature
  • Encapsulations to coat ingredients and improve flavor shelf-life
  • Flavors that tantalize the senses and bring authentic tastes
  • Key beef profiles based on our exclusive thermal-processed flavors
  • Flavors inspired by fresh mediterranean cuisine
  • A natural range of key chicken cooking flavor profiles

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