Confectionery with Charys

Simple, Sweet and Satisfying – confectionery has the power to delight consumers from all over the world. However, there’s a number of challenges involved in confectionary development. Charys Barnes, one of Sensient’s experts in food science, is here to help developers tackle these challenges. Charys enjoys delving into the challenges confectionery producers face in colouring candy at high temperatures with challenging shelf stability requirements, concocting flavours that bring chocolate and jellies to life, as well as matching a colour from a nostalgic sweet morsel using Sensient’s range of clean-label natural colours for any and all confectionery innovations.

The confectionery sector is manifold in terms of subcategories, and so is our portfolio of color solutions: Vibrant and stable color shades for high boiled candies with long shelf life and high process temperatures combined with low water content. Brilliant natural shades for jelly sweets in single or multi-color solutions with low migration properties. A diversity of shades suitable for many types of sugar decoration, i.e. sugar pastes, icings, glazes, crumbles or fillings which can be applied to confectionery. A full portfolio of solutions for any type of colored chocolate for chocolate-based confectionery. We provide a wide range of color shades, which are available either as natural colors or as coloring foods, depending on your specific requirements.