R&D with Andreas

The food industry is constantly developing and the world of food color is a good illustration of this. In Europe the progression from synthetic to natural colors, together with the added clean label choice of coloring food, demonstrates a really dynamic approach. Andreas Klingenberg, R&D Director for Sensient Food Colors in Europe, has been actively involved in all these developments over his 25 years industry experience. With a degree in Pharmaceutical Science and a PhD in Bio Fermentation, he leads an innovative team of specialists that utilise proprietary technologies and have created numerous patents in developing unique natural coloring solutions.

Color Breakthroughs with Dave

The food industry is constantly changing. With new advances and consumer demands happening regularly, it would take a true expert to keep up. Dave Gebhardt, Sensient’s Technical Director, has 25 years of experience as an engineer in the colorant industry. He focuses Sensient Food Colors North America on process improvement aimed at providing the most cost effective solutions for customers. Dave’s experience with both Natural and Synthetic Colors allows him to develop product delivery solutions that can meet any customer’s needs.