Serving Diverse Development Needs with Beet-Based Solutions


Increasing Demand for Beetroot-Based Colouring Solutions
As consumer demand for transparency and ‘clean ingredients’ continues to rise, many brands strive towards ‘cleaner labels.’ What that means can be very different for individual products and brands. For some, it means a conversion from synthetic colouring to a natural colouring solution. For others, it may be a switch from a food additive to a colouring food ingredient in the formulation. For other products that aim for an ‘all-natural’ positioning, additional requirements may need to be met.

Common to all is the objective to work on recognizable ingredients that consumers easily understand and potentially perceive as ‘better-for-you.’ Consequently, colouring solutions based on fruits, vegetables, and edible plants are increasingly used in food and beverages globally. Beetroot is a well-known, traditional vegetable that many consumers recently connect with a ‘superfood’ status due to its nutrient content. Beetroot juice that is prepared by pressing the beets and a subsequent concentration process, contains unique red pigments, namely betalains. Formulating with colouring solutions based on beetroot offers products exceptional and distinctive visual appeal.

Colouring solutions from beetroot are widely used in the market because it’s cost-effective and globally sourced. Because of its demand in the market, Sensient has been working on establishing the most extensive portfolio of beet-based colouring solutions and technologies to cater to the growing and diverse needs of product developers.

The Industry’s Most Diverse Beet-Based Portfolio of Colouring Solutions

Beetroot Concentrate

A perfect colouring food option creating bluish-pink to strawberry red shades in a variety of applications with a neutral pH range and where intense heat is not applied and plating characteristics are not needed.


Sensient’s Uberbeet™ range is designed to better perform in heat conditions and offer a great solution for products that go through a severe heating or baking step in their production process. Whether customers are looking for a colouring food option or natural colouring solutions, the Uberbeet™ range addresses all: providing a variety of distinctive pink colour shades to deep red hues. With proprietary technology and long-standing application expertise, Magna Ruby and Suprared™ are items you should absolutely discuss with our technical service team.


Adding a natural pink touch to your fat-based applications with a solution in liquid form? Our beet-based dispersions create homogenous, highest visual appeal and are extremely successful in chocolates, cream fillings, and other fat-based systems.


Designed for customers who are looking for natural colouring solutions with plating characteristics. Creating beautiful bright pink shades, the Microfine™ solution perfectly works in seasonings, instant drinks, and other powdered applications.



Purchase Considerations for Beet-Based Solutions
Cost-in-Use reflects the actual cost of the colouring in the formulation. The breadth of the beet-based range may already indicate the need for solid application expertise and tips for choosing the optimal solution for your needs. Determining cost efficiency will be part of the buyer and purchasing managers’ consideration. When comparing the spend on different solutions, it is crucial to calculate the cost-in-use in the end product rather than being misled by comparing the cost per kg of the colouring solutions on its own. Highly concentrated colouring solutions like SupraRed™, for example, benefit from a low usage rate to achieve the desirable shade target – the saying less is more rings true here. Sensient’s portfolio of beetroot colourings has a natural solution for nearly any application. Depending on the desired shade, production process, and labelling goals we can help you to find the best solution for your product. If you have any questions, feel free to set up a consultation with our colour experts. If you are interested in trialling one of the beet solutions outlined above, just request a sample.

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