Infinite Spectrum of Bright Color from Natural Sources

Naturally derived and creatively applied, Sensient’s colors from natural sources unite the bountiful resources from nature with unparalleled expertise in color science and formulation. As the most vertically integrated supplier of natural colors, Sensient offers an unmatched range of natural color shades, from simple component solutions to customized color offerings. The dynamic range of Sensient’s natural colors enables brands to meet any production needs at specific cost-in-use targets. All raw materials for Sensient’s natural colors are qualified through our comprehensive food safety program, Certasure™, which includes robust testing protocols to not only provide full supply chain visibility but also product confidence and brand protection. As long as you are formulating with the right solution, color from natural sources is bold, vibrant, and stable across a wide pH range.  

From black carrot to beet juice to carmine and many more, Sensient’s range of reds from nature are excellent alternatives to Red 40 and Red 3.


Bring savory and sweet flavors to life with Sensient’s full suite of orange beta-carotenes, annatto solutions, paprika-based colors, carrot juices, and more.


For every application under the sun, Sensient can provide a natural yellow solution with label-friendly options such as turmeric, vegetable juice, annatto, and beta-carotene, to name a few.


Sensient’s natural green shades wouldn’t be possible without our foundation of blue shades. We can provide brands with blue and yellow components to make green shades or through our advanced blending capabilities, Sensient can offer a single delivery system of greens too.


From sky blue to indigo blueberry shades, Sensient’s unique collection of natural blue sources includes our proprietary vegetable juice, spirulina extract, and pH-stabilized anthocyanins.


Sensient’s portfolio of perfect purple shades stem from vegetable juices or simple blends of natural reds and blues.


Shades ranging from golden honey to amber to dark chocolate and black are all available. Sensient’s solutions include a full suite of caramel colors as well as botanical browns from fruit and vegetable juices, including our Sienna™ fruit juice.


For whiteness or added opacity, Sensient offers titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, and our extensive suite of Avalanche™ alternatives.

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