Natural Ingredients

Sensient Natural Ingredients cultivates natural ingredients that bring flavor, texture, color, and nutrition to food products while keeping labels clean and simple. By working closely with growers to inspect crops in the field, agronomists ensure that products will fulfill our specifications. At Sensient Natural Ingredients, Technical Services has the ability to perform a variety of in-house testing and product attribute measurement as well as match, blend, and formulate products. To provide you with resources necessary to perform your own testing, our team can provide an array of product samples. The company supplies a broad range of natural, wholesome products and solutions – the portfolio of ingredients evolves continuously, and the core offering includes California-grown onion, garlic, and parsley, as well as capsicums and vegetables. Kosher, Halal, Gluten-free, and BRC certificates, as well as certificates of origin are available for the product portfolio. Sensient Natural Ingredients uses natural resources intelligently, making sound, cost-effective decisions, focusing on fuel efficiency, soil amendment, recycling and water conservation and re-use.

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