Extrusion-Stable Natural Green for Pet Treats and Kibble

The Pet Market is Going Natural

The naturalness trend continues to grow year-over-year in both “human” and “pet” food and other products. Natural colours and other ingredients are priority considerations for many shoppers, and pet owners seek high-quality natural kibble and treats for their pets in alignment with their own diets.

37% of pet owners consider “all natural” a key purchase factor for pet kibble and treats.

Mintel 2021
Beneful Originals

This demand for naturalness leaves developers and brands to seek natural ingredients like colours that match or exceed the performance of their synthetic counterparts.

Green is a popular shade within pet kibble and treats that poses particular challenges to many due to its scarcity in nature.

Fortunately, Sensient’s focus on continued innovation to close gaps in our colour portfolio has led to a solution for natural green blends in pet food applications:


NEW Extrusion-Stable Natural Green for Pet Treats and Kibble

Vertafine offers pet food developers and manufacturers a clean label natural green colour portfolio that meets cost-in-use targets. Vertafine can be used in AAFCO-natural pet food products.

Perfect for use in pet kibble and treats for cats, dogs, and other pets, Vertafine is particularly successful in injection molded dental chews targeting a bright green shade. It is not intended for use in human food.

✓ Approved by the FDA & AAFCO for use as a natural colour

✓ More cost effective than alternative blue blends

✓ Survives harshest heat processing like extrusion and injection molding

Vertafine can be used in pet applications like…





63% of US pet owners say they are skeptical about the health claims that most pet foods make.

Mintel 2021

Brands can reinforce and substantiate health and ingredient claims with visible cues using bold natural colours to align with those claims. Extending the research done by independent academic studies shows that:

84% of pet owners select multi-coloured kibble when identifying high-quality and nutrient dense kibble and treats for their pets.

Sensient Consumer Research

Get started with your next clean label green pet project using Vertafine with a natural colour sample, or get your questions answered and jumpstart the development process with our team of technical experts.

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