2022 Sensient Colour of the Year

Rediscovering Joy in 2022

In response to the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been urgently trying to redefine its understanding of “wellbeing” with an emphasis on mental health.

Not only the pandemic, but also isolation from lockdowns and the absence of connection due to social distancing have been sources of unexpected emotional adversity for consumers.

After enduring nearly two years of overwhelming emotional stress, Sensient’s 2022 Color of the Year, Radiant Pink, encourages consumers to rediscover the bright side of life by safely reconnecting with one another.

The orangish-pink hues of Radiant Pink evoke the warmth and comfort of fellowship while the flicker of gold shimmer elicits joyous delight—it is a shade that embodies a happy, positive state of mind—one that we are all trying to rediscover, together!

Radiant Pink Chip FINAL vectors 2022-01


Discover Radiant Pink in action…




The best way to overcome the pandemic’s mental health obstacles is by rediscovering what brings us joy and light!

Sensient technical colour experts are ready to help you bring Radiant Pink to life for any category. Start today by requesting a “Radiant Pink” sample or watch our webinar on the Color of the Year 2022 for more!

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