The Science Of Certainty

Food Safety is Manufacturers’ #1 Priority

According to Sensient Customer Research, Food Safety is the most crucial evaluation factor when manufacturers select ingredient partners. It’s really a “table stakes” expectation of ingredient suppliers.

It’s not a surprise that Food Safety continues to be a high priority for food brands because they are always striving to provide consumers with positive product experiences. To best serve their customers…

Sensient’s food safety program goes beyond table stakes, it is mission critical!

Developed in collaboration with a team of doctoral researchers, Certasure™ is Sensient’s global food safety program.

Certasure™ enables manufacturers to innovate naturally with certainty.

What does food safety certainty look like with a natural colour supplier?

Certainty looks like Certasure™.

Certainty is best-in-class colour plant safety scores worldwide.

2022 Manufacturing Facility Safety Scores


Certainty is rigorous scrutiny of all natural colour raw materials.

Thousands of analytical tests and screenings for Certasure™ are conducted by Sensient’s scientists on six continents every single day to ensure safety requirements are met on the following risk factors:

Heavy Metals
Unauthorized Solvents

Certainty is robust hazard analysis and certification.

Each one of Sensient’s botanical growers is thoroughly assessed for safety and quality.

Certainty is continuous improvement.

Sensient’s Food Safety Experts are continuously identifying and adding risk assessments to the Certasure™ program.

Certainty is exceeding global industry standards.

Sensient is setting a precedent to comply with the strictest regional standards, even where it is not required.

Certainty is safety in numbers.

That’s why Sensient’s Certasure™ food safety programs analyze risk and conduct hundreds of tests daily worldwide.

Certasure™ is The Science of Certainty.

Natural innovation with peace-of-mind, protection from product recall, and safe consumption for consumers is Sensient’s commitment to you.

The Certasure™ shield on Sensient product shipments and containers around the world signifies an obsession worth pursuing—certainty!

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