3 Ways Manufacturers can Achieve ‘Healthy’ Ice Creams

Rich and decadent, having frozen ice cream on a sunny afternoon is one of life’s blissful joys, guaranteeing a boost to anyone’s day. As more consumers subscribe to the Wellness 360° trend, however, healthier alternatives are in demand even for the most indulgent of treats.

This poses a challenge for manufacturers to execute healthy products that match up to their traditional versions. Though claims like “sugar-free” and “low-calorie” can be attractive, what retains consumers is taste and quality. Here are three common challenges ice cream manufacturers will face in this process, and how our technical expertise can help solve them!

Sugar Reduction

87% of APAC consumers actively moderate their
sugar consumption.


55% of adults in the us want less sugar in their diet
Mintel, 2021
in chile 37%
of adults
see low sugar content as a top factor when buying food
Mintel, 2021

When reducing or removing sugar, some manufacturers may include artificial sweeteners to their formulations. Though this method restores some sweetness, the issue of texture and lack of mouthfeel remains, as the freezing point is affected by loss in sugar. Most substitutes like Stevia are also notorious for having lingering bitter notes.

Sensient’s SweetEase™ is a clean label solution that can help enhance sweetness perception and quality of your product. Our SweetEase™ range is cost-effective and flexible and includes Halal, Kosher and organic options. It also works with masking agents like Smoothenol™ to reduce off-notes or unwanted aftertaste, and flavouring systems like DairyBoost™ to bring back rich and creamy mouthfeel to the product.

Maintaining Creamy Character in Plant-Based

8% of new ice cream launches globally have a vegan claim.

Mintel, 2021

Plant-based or dairy-free ice creams are often compared to original dairy products for quality. Very few plant variants have enough creamy characteristics in their ingredients for consumers to accept. Moreover, removal of dairy usually means less fat in the product, which may result in an icy texture. Manufacturers may include thickening agents like Xanthan gums to avoid this, resulting in a longer list of ingredients.

In order to protect the health halo of plant-based
ice creams, a natural solution is preferred. That’s why Sensient’s Vegan DairyBoost™ is the perfect choice to bring back true to taste flavours of rich and creamy milk. Natural and cost-effective, this solution creates a sense of healthy indulgence that gives your product a clean image along with a memorable taste.

Going All-Natural

56% of ice cream consumers in China prefer all-natural ingredients.

Mintel, 2021

Diving deeper into the clean-label trend, consumers are more sensitive to synthetic ingredients seen as ‘harmful’ to their bodies. This includes the use of synthetic colours and flavours, emulsifiers and preservatives. Switching to natural solutions is an effective strategy for a product to be more reliable and trusted by consumers in the long term.

Sensient offers a wide range of scientifically advanced natural colours, flavours and high-performing extracts that have undergone rigorous safety analysis to protect your consumer. Apart from developing eye-catching and tasty products, these ingredients can add functionality, nutrition, and provenance claims that can help your brand stand out from competitors.

Tapping into Sensient’s expertise means accessing a global innovation team working with you on bespoke and exciting product formulations.

Our R&D centre is also packed with state-of-the-art equipment to bring accurate samples efficiently to you. Start your ice cream journey with us today by requesting a sample or consultation with our team!

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