Clean Label 2.0 – Discover the Next Generation of Clean Label Colouring Solutions

What is next in clean label? The trend towards clean-label food and beverage products has long become mainstream. We can observe consumer behaviour evolving from “clean label” preferences to a more holistic “clean eating” pattern, Mintel reports. This clean eating or even clean living is often associated with natural and simple ingredients in addition to health and nutrition in the broader sense. Worthwhile to note that:
consider “no artificial ingredients” as the most important factor when looking for healthy ingredients.
62% of US consumers use the mental shortcut of agreeing to the statement “the fewer ingredients a food has, the healthier it is.” Manufacturers’ or brands’ no-no lists can vary strongly and may include claims on no artificial ingredients, no allergens, no preservatives, or others. These are even being updated on a continual basis to cater to evolving consumer demands for pure and authentic natural ingredients. 43 Percent Consumers’ demand for clean label has resulted in a reduction of labelling of selective additives and preservatives on food and drink packagings, such as modified starches or citric acid. At the same time, the naturalness trend remains omnipresent, and “all-natural” product claims increased by 8% in Europe in 2019 versus the prior year. Sensient Food Colors has long been committed to supporting the clean-label efforts of manufacturers, so they can cater to consumers’ dietary preferences and choices. With decades of colouring food expertise, Sensient’s development team has taken a proactive step in developing the next generation of clean label natural colouring solutions. In the style of Roman Goddess Cardea, seeking new ways and walking through new doors, Sensient’ s Cardea range was developed to unlock nature’s true potential. With our R&D expertise and screening a wide range of ingredients, our development team has identified the perfect combination of natural ingredients that work in sync with one another to optimize performance in food and beverage products.
With proprietary technology and using natural ingredients and concentrates, such as: Fruit And Veggies
The Cardea colouring solutions are through their unique composition naturally protected against parameters such as oxidation and fading to safeguard colouring performance.
Sensient’s CardeaTM range meets manufacturers’ highest clean label demands with colouring solutions made entirely free from additives or preservatives as the entire formulation only consists of recognizable, pure, and authentic natural ingredients and concentrates. CardeaTM is the perfect choice for highest clean label requirements, whilst maintaining the required great visual appeal of any food or beverage product:  
The all-natural colouring solution for “all-natural” product concepts
Unique composition with recognizable plant-based ingredients only
Magn Glass
For clean label positioning with the entire formulation being free from additives or preservatives
With excellent performance and stability due to the natural synergies of the ingredients and their interactive stabilization
  As the trend towards clean eating is evolving, consumers are increasingly considering ethical and environmental aspects as part of the equation. Needless to say that with Sensient’s heritage in developing palm-free colouring solutions and meeting specific consumer needs, all Cardea colouring solutions are palm-free and suitable for a kosher or halal diet. In addition, Sensient’s Certasure™ program ensures that all CardeaTM colouring solutions meet the most stringent quality, safety, and authenticity requirements. Collage

Are you seeking a way to unlock your next formulation challenge and discover nature’s true potential? We are looking forward to connect with you to discuss all options!

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