Coatings, Frostings and Oil-Based Applications… Go Colourful Naturally!

In many situations, indulgence is top of mind for consumers. Consumers classically think of sweet bakery products as an option to spoil or treat themselves or their loved ones.

70% of french consumers reported buying cakes and other sweet goods to treat themselves.


Eating out or dining in, baking a cake or preparing homemade cookies, opting for a ready-to-use baking mix or taking the time to prepare baked goods from scratch… the common factor is a desired moment of indulgence in the end.

In recent months with less time spent at offices, restaurants or cafes, at-home consumption has seen a significant increase. The events of 2020 raised consumer awareness of what goes into their food maybe more so than ever before. Having been relevant for years before, the topic of health and clean eating is an important attribute that consumers take into consideration when choosing any product, including food and drinks to indulge themselves. Despite the fact there may be multiple definitions of “healthy”, the direction towards more natural or even all-natural ingredients is a common denominator. For example, Mintel data shows that almost half of European consumers would be encouraged to eat desserts more often, if they contained all-natural ingredients.

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Sweet bakery concepts that deliver a combination of being a treat and having a “better-for-you” appeal vs. comparable products are pleasing to health-conscious shoppers. While flavour is a key cue for delivering indulgence, visual attributes play an equally, if not more important role to raise interest first. Hitting the right visual appeal supports the flavour profile, helps products to stand out on shelf, and has an important impact on purchase intent, too.

Formulating in sweet bakery ware, developers do not need to compromise. A naturally colourful product can catch the eye of the consumer and equally meet the demand for simple and “clean” ingredients.

In this 30 minute webinar, you can…

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discover how colourful coatings and frostings can elevate the consumer experience

Water Drop 1

learn about formulating with oil- and water-soluble natural colourings in different decorations and fillings


explore a range of colouring foods and natural colours that can help products attract attention

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