R&D with Isaldy

Color is one of the main attributes that influence the purchase decision. Today, however, consumer expectations are increasingly demanding and they are constantly looking for innovative, safe, and reliable products. At Sensient, we have experts who can help you find effective color solutions that meet all these expectations. With 20 years of experience in innovation in the food industry, Isaldy has led multifunctional teams in the development of new products, nutrition, quality, regulatory, and sensory science for various food and beverage categories. Contact Isaldy to bring all her experience to the development of your new projects.

R&D with Gustavo

Agro-industrial Production Engineer with a Master’s Degree and PhD in Sciences in the Development of Biotic Products. With more than 8 years of experience in Research and Development in the area of functional foods and nutraceuticals. Professional and technical consultant for companies and universities in food development, exploitation of agro-industrial resources and implementation of new technologies for final properties and their useful life. Contact Gustavo to bring all his experience to your projects.

R&D with Rogelio

As the food industry continually changes, it’s important to stay ahead of consumer trends to provide our customers with the best color solutions. Regularly improving our process to produce more cost-effective solutions requires a true expert like Rogelio Gómez. Rogelio has seen many markets change with 29 years of experience in dye manufacturing for the food, drugs and cosmetics industries. Rogelio’s expertise covers everything from quality control and process improvement to sales and manufacturing.