Natural Brown

The Simple Ingredient Alternative to Caramel

Sensient Natural Brown solutions provide beautiful brown shades that are excellent alternatives to both certified colours and caramel. The solutions are heat and light stable across a wide pH range and available for virtually any application. Sensient’s newest natural brown, Sienna fruit juice, is the perfect choice to replace caramel in beverages, soups, sauces, confection, and many other applications where cost-in-use is a key consideration. Natural Brown has multiple colour delivery systems available to meet any production need, including powder, liquid and dispersion forms. The colour ranges from a buttery yellow brown to deep auburn.

  • Beverage
  • Baking
  • Dairy
  • Confection
  • Dry Grocery
  • Pet Food
  • Natural alternatives to synthetic colours
  • Caramel free
  • Heat, light and acid-stable
  • Liquid, powder and dispersion forms
  • Kosher and non-GMO

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