Experience industry-disrupting, design-thinking ideations from Sensient!

Sensient’s Ideation Team inspires the next generation of food, beverage, and pet products. We collaborate with manufacturers and retailers to streamline actions in the front-end of product development.

We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your unique tasks and challenges. Then, the Ideation team crafts new product stories deeply rooted in category and consumer insights identified by our global marketing network. By leveraging Sensient’s high-performing, robust food ingredient portfolio of flavors, colors, and extracts, the Ideation Team presents these authentic new product concepts for you to tangibly experience. Discover well-researched concepts and prototypes tailored to your brand portfolio—brought to life by compatible ingredient solutions from Sensient!

Ideate with Brittany

When creativity and science collide, the intersection enables infinite possibilities for product development. Brittany Jones brings this to the table through compelling product opportunity stories. With her literary and marketing background, Brittany’s expertise in analysis and synthesis of data has led her to become a master concept architect in the food and beverage industry, forecasting future trends and leading ideations that have launched some of the most interesting products on the market today.

Ideate with Jennifer

With nearly 20 years of food science and formulation experience, Jennifer Chaffin possesses the knowledge to bring the unusual, bold, impossible, nonsensical, and unique to life in a prototype for you to tangibly experience. As Sensient’s in-house master concept engineer, Jennifer understands the value of compatible and stable food systems built by high-performing sensory ingredients. She shares her mindfulness for the value of multisensory food experiences to help brands delight their consumers.