Food Colour on Display – Natural Colours to Eat and Tweet: “Living Coral”

In recent years, everyone can clearly observe – if not participate – in the ever-increasing trend to post eye-catching foods and drinks online. Products today, of course, still need to taste great to be attractive, but “foodies” enjoy products that are equally able to address the senses: high overall product appeal and noteworthy colour in particular can become important product or concept features. This elevated level of product experience fuels limited or special edition launches in the food and beverage industry. They can become a strong purchase driver in an ever-increasing landscape of product offerings.

Living Coral Main Image

Just having published Sensient’s 2019 Natural Food Colour Trends, Sensient equally takes pride in observing all other types of colour trends across industries. Pantone has recently named “Living Coral,” a pink-tinted hue, as colour of the year for 2019. Pantone describes the colour to “display a lively presence within social media” whilst resonating “the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of colour found in nature.” It comes as no surprise that designers, developers, manufacturers and suppliers across varied markets are inspired to follow the lead of this eponymous design firm’s thinking about this year’s implications for cosmetics, fashion, and the food and beverage industries.

With Sensient’s over 60 years of experience in manufacturing natural colour products for the food and beverage industry, it is a pleasure to demonstrate how to achieve this shade of coral by colouring foods or natural colour solutions in food and drinks.

Product developers working on beverage products are seeing manifold launches including pink grapefruit or berry flavours in the soft drink, lemonade or near-water segments.

Coral Juices

Juicy lemonades can obtain beautiful shades of transparent or turbid coral shades by formulating with blends of natural colours or colouring foods alike.

For chocolate decoration to create colour shades of “Living Coral”:

To the left is a vibrant natural colouring solution including a Carmine (E120) blend. To the right is Sensient’s lively Strawberry Red colouring food for customers who prefer to work with an alternative to Carmine.

Pink Sea Shells

For pastel shades and a creamy appearance, additional product options like Sensient’s recently launched Avalanche range perform well. Whether product developers would like to formulate for bakery applications, savoury products, dairy, ice cream or new product developments, each application requires dedicated colouring solutions to deliver unique, creative, and high performing colouring results.

If you would like some assistance bringing “Living Coral” to life in your product, Sensient would gladly assist you by starting a conversation here.

Trial any of the “Living Coral” inspired colouring solutions featured in this article by simply requesting samples here.

Coral Cupcakes

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