Bringing Colour to Mocktails & NOLO Drinks

Opportunities in the Ready-to-Drink Market

Consumers’ interest in no and low-alcoholic beverages, often referred to as NOLO drinks, is surging across the globe. In Western Europe, the sales volume in this category increased by 18% in the past five years and is estimated to grow by an additional 12% until 2022, as per Euromonitor data. The reasons for the consumption of NOLO drinks vary. Yet for many consumers across countries in Europe, adding these drinks to their beverage repertoire is a lifestyle statement or choice by occasion.

Consumer Interest in Concepts for Occasions that Normally Include Alcohol


Non-alcoholic versions of a cocktail
(e.g. virgin mojitos)


Non-alcoholic spirits

Source: Lightspeed/ Mintel, 2018

The trend towards “indulgence in moderation” has been folded into the larger affordable indulgence scenario as consumers rebound from the global lockdown. Consumers are looking for new experiences, ways they can treat themselves at home, and ready-to-drink mocktails or non-alcoholic spirits are the perfect solutions.

Bottled or canned NOLO drinks enable adventurous foodies to easily bring the “bar-feeling” home for a unique experience. Colour is often a key factor, especially when consumers are sharing their lives with friends on social media. Premium mocktails, just like their cocktails counterparts, should look equally stunning. Why would at-home consumption not live up to the same sort of ideal?

In 2020, 11% of the flavoured alcoholic beverage launches contained “Seltzer” in the product description

Another trend emerging in Europe is the introduction of hard seltzers. With a perception around hard seltzers being a modern and younger alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks, the segment has seen tremendous success in the U.S. in recent years. “The popularity of hard seltzers can be attributed to their better-for-you image, with lower-calorie and low/zero sugar claims featuring prominently on packs,” Mintel states and reports a record of 32% of flavoured alcoholic beverage launches featuring “seltzer” in the product description in 2020. In Europe, trends are headed in a similar direction with new product developments causing noticeable launch activity for hard seltzers in 2020.

Stand Out on Shelf

64% of UK consumers expect drinks designed as an alcohol alternative to be found in the relevant alcoholic drinks aisle at the supermarket. (Mintel, 2019) Browsing the spirits aisle before any purchase, bright colours can help a product to stand out and catch the eye of a thirsty shopper. Learn how you can create beautiful, vibrant, delicious NOLO drinks in this on-demand webinar:

Mocktails Webinar

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