5 Food Safety Issues to Consider in Asia

2017-04-11 10:21:47

Nine years ago the infant milk scandal triggered alarm among consumers, policymakers and food producers across Asia.

As a result, Asian consumers are hyper-aware of the origin and quality of their food products. Here are five key issues to consider in Asian product development:

1. Food safety in Asia is complex due to insufficient facilities for international testing protocols and standards, pollution, religious and cultural consideration like Halal certification, and volatile storage conditions due to tropical climates.

2. Contamination, false advertising, and loose e-commerce licensing present unique challenges and risks for product recalls. 

3. Asian governments often partner with global organizations to enforce tighter procedures but this collaboration can delay and at times complicate regulatory guidelines.

4. Food and beverage companies are responsible for supply chain risk management from farm-to-fork. It is up to the food producer to manage all ingredient suppliers and ensure safety/quality of ingredients. 

5. Partnering with a regulatory expert with global capabilities streamlines the quality control process of producing and exporting. 

Since the use of natural colours inherently increases the potential for food safety risks, Sensient developed a natural colour certification program.

Learn how we ensure our natural colours are safe here. 

5 Food Safety Issues to Consider in Asia

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